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How do I submit an application?

By clicking on “Apply Now” and completing the required areas of information. Be sure to check the box near the bottom to allow Arbor Woods to process your background, rental and credit reports.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, the application fee is $20 per adult.

How long does the application process take?

Arbor Woods can give you a preliminary approval within 24 hours.  We would then ask that you come in to our office with current income.  This can be your most recent payroll stub, showing year to date earnings, An official offer letter of employment, a social security notification of benefit, or three months worth of bank statements showing direct deposits from verifiable income.

Is there an income requirement to qualify for an apartment?

Arbor Woods Apartments requires a combined income of all adult occupants in the amount of three times the monthly rent.

Is there a minimum credit score to qualify for an apartment?

Arbor Woods Apartments does not review credit scores, We look at the combined credit trade lines of all adult occupants applying for the apartment.  We do allow for some blemishes on your report.  The review process forgives foreclosures, bankruptcies that have been discharged, medical bills, student loans, and telephone bills.

Does Arbor Woods accept section 8 vouchers?

No, Arbor Woods does not accept Section 8 vouchers at this time.

How much is the security deposit?

Arbor Woods has a standard security deposit starting at $1000.00 that most applications qualify for.

How much does it cost to move in?

Your Security Deposit will be paid within 72 hours of your application approval. You will pay for your first months rent the day you move in. This may be a pro-rated amount if your move in date is not on the 1st of the month. A cleaning fee of $100.00 is also paid at move-in.

How long is the lease?

Arbor Woods Apartments offers a six or twelve month lease.  Upon renewal additional terms are available.

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What school district is associated with Arbor Woods Apartments?

The Livonia School District has been consistently been rated in one of top school systems in Michigan.

Is there school bus service?

Yes, school bus service is provided to all Livonia schools from Arbor Woods Apartments.

Does my monthly rental payment need to be mailed?

No.  Arbor Woods Apartments provides an on-site Management office for rent collection, leasing, and service orders for your convenience.

Is there on-site maintenance?

Yes. Arbor Woods offers a 24 hour emergency maintenance line. This service is provided by members of our personal maintenance team to better serve you, not only with your emergency needs should they arise but also any every day service you may need as well.

What are the office hours?

Arbor Woods is open Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

Is an appointment needed to see an apartment?

Arbor Woods encourages you to stop in the office at your convenience during the office hours. Our staff will do our best to give you a personal tour and provide all the information you need. Due to our high occupancy we may not have an apartment to show during your visit. You may call the Leasing office before you arrive to confirm a tour by calling 734-464-4100.

Is high speed internet available?

Yes.  Arbor Woods Apartments is serviced by Brighthouse Cable.  This company offers competitive rates and offers High Speed Internet, Cable to include DVR and premium channels.

Are the utilities included in your rent?

Arbor Woods Apartments pays for your rubbish service.  The resident is responsible for the gas, water and electric to the apartment home as provided by Consumers Energy, a surcharge to us, and DTE respectively.

Are pets allowed?

Arbor Woods Apartments allows up to two cats per apartment.  Birds and Fish are also welcomed, however we do not allow dogs of any kind.